Walter K



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New York University Grossman School of Medicine

1962 - 1966

Tufts Medical Center

1966 - 1973

Vascular Surgery (GS)

Tufts Medical Center

Locum Tenens Wound Care Hyperbarics

2016 - 2020

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Board-Certified Attending

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San Carlos, California

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12/04/2020 11:58

About Walter

After a long and satisfying career as a vascular surgeon and wound care specialist, I moved from the east coast with the intention of retiring in the California Bay Area.  However, a wish to remain productive motivates me and I find myself considering options for a work life after medicine.  My background as an undergraduate English major remains with me and the idea of combining my interest in science, particularly medical science, with narrative, editing and communications is my current goal.  I have, during my career, written for the print media regarding my specialty and made public appearances to present and discuss vascular disease, blood coagulation and anticoagulation, wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  

Amherst College



1958 - 1962

English major with interests in writing and literature.  Premed as well and went on to medical school after graduation.

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