Jonas S

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


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New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine

1998 - 2003

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

2004 - 2007

Keesler Medical Center

Director of Oncological Rehabilitation

2018 - 2020

Currently Practicing

Board-Certified Attending

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New York, New York

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12/04/2020 14:38

About Jonas

I am a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation at NYU Langone’s Rusk Rehabilitation. After completing my residency training at Harvard Medical School, I subspecialized in musculoskeletal/sports medicine and interventional spine care. During this time, I acquired additional skills in the nonoperative treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions, including arthritis, lower back and neck pain, coccygodynia, neuropathy, dystonia, and tendinitis.

As a physiatrist, my goal is to help my patients regain function through various nonoperative treatments, including rehabilitation, injections for spine and joint pain, and medication. Whenever possible, I try to avoid prescribing medications for long-term use and prefer a more holistic approach to patient care.
For instance, I have expertise in osteopathic manipulative medicine treatment (OMT), also known as manual medicine. OMT is “hands-on care”; I use my hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury, through stretching, applying gentle pressure, and using resistance. I often find this modality useful as a supplement to other treatments. If needed, I can also provide people with image-guided injections for the spine and peripheral joints. Additionally, I perform electrodiagnostic testing to diagnose and guide treatment of various neuromuscular disorders.

A major focus of mine is the rehabilitation needs of cancer patients and survivors. My goal is to help individuals, from diagnosis to cure, improve overall function and quality of life. I have expertise in diagnosing and treating a variety of cancer treatment–related side effects, such as chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, radiation fibrosis, lymphedema, and post-mastectomy pain syndrome. As the need for physical rehabilitation grows in the field of oncology, I find it exciting and rewarding to help restore function in anyone who has experienced cancer. I’m also certified in sports medicine, so I’m experienced in treating sports-related injuries in cancer survivors and helping them return to sports and exercise routines.

I am passionate about lifestyle medicine, an evolving field that focuses on lifestyle interventions, such as diet, exercise, stress reduction, and smoking cessation, to treat and prevent various chronic conditions and improve function. In my research, I explore lifestyle interventions to improve the lives of people who have had cancer. I also speak at the local and national level about rehabilitation programs for people with cancer. I am a co-chair of the lifestyle medicine counsel for the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and a co-chair of the medical fitness working group for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Additionally, I sit on the Executive Committee for the American College of Sports Medicine’s Task Force on Exercise Oncology.

New York College of Osteopathic Medicine



1998 - 2003

Work Experience
Resident Physician

Harvard Medical School

Boston, MA

2004 - 2007

Clinical Fellow

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

West Orange, NJ

2007 - 2008

Attending Physician

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

New York, NY

2008 - 2018

Director of Oncological Rehabilitation

NYU-Langone Health

New York, NY

2018 - 2020

Intern Physician

Saint Vincent's Midtown Hospital

New York, NY

2003 - 2004

Research Interests
  • Exercise Oncology
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Oncological Rehabilitation