David H

Obstetrics and Gynecology


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Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

2000 - 2009

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

2010 - 2013


2013 - 2020

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Board-Certified Attending

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Newark, New Jersey

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05/12/2021 13:02

About David

I am a physician-scientist who did an MD-PHD program during medical school. I have worked extensively with residents and medical students in my capacity as Director of Research for a Fellowship program in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery and for an OBGYN residency program. I have published extensively and have a passion for research.

Johns Hopkins University



1997 - 2001

Work Experience
Director of Research

HealthCare Partners Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

2016 - 2019

--HealthCare Partners Nevada was contracted by the Teachers Health Trust to manage the health insurance plan covering 30,000 teachers in southern
Nevada as well as implement a population health program to reduce expenditures on teachers with chronic diseases(hypertension, diabetes,
COPD/Asthma, CHF).
--I was the lead/chief statistician for the division of HealthCare Partners Nevada that ran this benefit plan and implemented this population health program.
--My job required me to analyze hundreds of thousands of claims to detect patterns that could inform the Director of the division as to where efforts could be
targeted to both improve outcomes and reduce expenditure.
--My job was central to the population health program because no one else in the division had the analytical skills to be able to detect statistical patterns from large administrative claims databases.

Notable Engagements
Research Interests
  • Women's health; perinatal epidemiology; contraception;