Meagan C

Pathology-Anatomic and Clinical


Availability :

Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

2014 - 2020

University of Washington School of Medicine

2020 - 2024


2020 - 2024

Not Currently Practicing


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Seattle, Washington

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About Meagan

I am a recent medical graduate from Dartmouth, working on my pathology residency (AP/NP). Since I recently finished interviewing and had multiple "ranked to match" letters from top programs, I would love to help aspiring pathologists refine their application and interview experiences, and/or just answer any questions about the field. I'm happy to do a free one hour initial consultation so that we can see how/if I might be able to help! Good luck to all those soon to be MD's - residency is way better than medical school (especially in pathology!)

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