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Physicians Thrive: “The ease and affordability of access is a big differentiator in our market,” Dr. Hanson states. “It allows physicians to connect with meaningful opportunities faster with no hurdles for either side.” Without a centralized hub for physician-specific positions, it can be extremely time-consuming for physicians to sift through job boards and websites to find relevant consulting work. flipMD does this legwork on behalf of physicians, and provides a place for them to explore a variety of flexible, physician-specific opportunities all in one place.

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NY Times: Established 2020: These businesses opened despite everything. Starting a business is difficult even in the best of times. Many companies had to shut their doors this year, but some determined founders followed their dreams and opened theirs, even when faced with daunting challenges. Let’s give these bold new businesses the ribbon-cutting moment they deserve.

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Slice of Healthcare: Our guest is: Lauren Hanson, Co-Founder of flipMD. In this episode, we discussed: her background, how she got to where she is today, what is flipMD, what’s next, – …and much more!

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DoctorsUnbound: Hear how interventional radiology resident, Dr. Greg Hanson, used the pandemic to start his own company. flipMD is a physician services marketplace for medical expertise. His company has allowed physicians to generate extra income even during the uncertain times of Covid-19.

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Non-clinical Physicians: During his first year of diagnostic radiology, he began doing side jobs using his statistical and science background to earn extra money. But the process of finding those jobs was difficult. He believed there should be a better way to link physicians with side jobs and this sparked the idea for flipMD.

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