Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm a client

A: Nothing. Creating a username and login is completely free.

A: You simply create a job post with what you would like to achieve through the flipMD marketplace. After you create your first job post, you will create a free account so that you can message our consultants directly. After finding the perfect consultant, you send the contract to the consultant and wait for the finished work.

A: There are many jobs, which can be posted to our physician consultants. Here are a few examples: personal statement editing or med school application help, case review for lawyers, question or content writing for education or media companies, phone interviews or focus groups, medical curriculum building, data and research, help with IRB or FDA submissions, be a key opinion leader for a pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare startup and much more.

A: Our consultants are all physicians, either residents or attendings throughout the country.

A: Simple answer: yes. This is the true power of the flipMD marketplace. You can invite favorite consultants to apply to your job, rehire someone you’ve worked with in the past or let anyone apply. In order to find the perfect fit you can filter physicians based on education and work experience, field of medicine, hourly rate, skills and more.

A: When you post your job and communicate with your consultant, be as specific as possible to make sure there are no miscommunications. This ensures the highest probability of finding the perfect consultant for your specific situation.

A: You can be either hands-on or hands-off depending on your personality and your project. You will have the ability to message directly with your physician consultant to create your specific project requirements.

A: The website collects platform fees for creating a space for the client and consultant to meet. On the client-side, we charge a 5% service fee, which covers the cost of the transaction fees that we are charged for secure and expedient payment to our consultants. For example, if you post a job for $150 for personal statement editing, your payment amount would be $157.50.

A: When your consultant accepts your posted job. Your banking account will be charged for the full amount of the project, which will then go into a holding account through our secure, third-party payment system. Once the job is completed to your satisfaction, the payment will be released to the consultant after a 5-day security period. For hourly jobs, your consultant will submit a timesheet each week, which you will approve. You will be charged the weekly amount once you accept the hours and your consultant will be paid on either a weekly basis or whatever timelines your consultant decides to use.

A: Not right away. We are currently offering consulting positions to physicians only. However, as the marketplace expands, we will likely open the marketplace to medical students who are specifically interested in making extra income as medical school consultants. Stay tuned for more information as the flipMD marketplace grows.

I'm a Consultant

A: Nothing. It is absolutely free to join, create a profile, and apply to jobs.

A: We are launching the flipMD marketplace as a centralized, competitive marketplace for physician consultants to vie for jobs. The marketplace is open to any industry needing to work with physicians. For example, the following consultant categories will be included within the flipMD marketplace: medical writing, content creation, virtual test prep (MCAT, USMLE), data analysis and academic writing, chart review, expert witness, ghostwriting, medical illustration, medical advertising, startup/tech, investment banking, FDA, IRB, medical device, grant writing, pharmaceutical, clinical trials, practice building and more.

Q: How does flipMD make money? expand_more

A: flipMD charges our consultants a tiered platform fee based on the amount of money earned per client. The platform fee is 20% for the first $1000 earned with one client. After you make $1000 with the client, the platform fee is reduced to 10%. For example, if you make a total of $6,000 working for one client, you will receive $5,300 directly into your bank account.

Q: Are taxes withheld from the money I earn? expand_more

A: No. You are required to report your earned income to the IRS and advise withholding a certain amount of income earned via the flipMD marketplace for tax season.

Q: Will I be an employee of flipMD? expand_more

A: No. By signing onto the website, you are taking advantage of the flipMD marketplace; however, you are not considered a flipMD employee and will not be given any of the benefits of employment such as insurance.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can make on flipMD? expand_more

A: No, not at all. You can make as much or as little as you want. We anticipate some super users who can earn $100,000 or more on the website in a year working part-time. It will be very user dependent on how you structure and build your brand within the flipMD marketplace but there are no caps on how much any consultant can make.

Q: What if I cannot offer my services at the moment? expand_more

A: Not a problem. If you are on a rotation or covering a clinical service with increased demands, simply do not apply to jobs at that time and set your profile to Unavailable to let prospective clients know. Once you have some extra time available, come back and apply to the jobs you are interested in.

Q: How do I build up my profile and increased my earning potential on the marketplace? expand_more

A: The marketplace is based on competition. You are competing with your colleagues for the same jobs. This means that you will likely need to take a few jobs at a lower payment to create a work history and show that you deliver high-quality work in a timely fashion. The more jobs you take with glowing reviews, the more you will eventually be able to charge on the marketplace.

Q: How does payment work? expand_more

A: Once you accept a fixed-rate job, the client money will be placed into a holding account through our secure, third-party payment vendor. Once you turn in the work and the client accepts, the money will then be released directly to the bank account of your choice (debit account, PayPal). There is a 5-day security period between the project being accepted and the time when the funds are available for you to transfer to your account, which is to safeguard against the rare situation where a client disputes payment.

Q: Can I work as a consultant and also post a job on the marketplace? expand_more

A: Yes. In the future, we anticipate some of our consultants will eventually want to post jobs for other physicians to accept. An example of such an instance would be a current resident physician consultant offering a job on how to negotiate their first attending contract. In this situation, we expect some more of the senior physicians would be interested in taking the job to help facilitate negotiation.

Another example would be an early career attending physician looking for practical advice on how to build out a specific aspect of their clinical practice. For example, a new vascular surgery attending at a private practice may be interested in building an outpatient vein clinic but is unsure how to scale quickly and efficiently. In this situation, one of the more senior vascular surgeons could advise and mentor the early career attending.

Q: What is the future of the flipMD platform? expand_more

A: We are building this marketplace to be the first physician only marketplace for anyone looking for medical experts to come and find physician consultants for any possible job within any industry.

Physicians have a lot of earned knowledge through years of school, residency and clinical practice that is extremely marketable; however, we do not have a centralized system to take advantage of our unique skillsets. The ultimate goal is to be the largest source of medical consulting in the world.