Disputes on Job Contracts

From the End Contract date (the date that either user clicks “End Contract”) the Client Consultant has 30 days to file a dispute via the form on the Site and begin the dispute resolution process outlined below.

  1. Fill out the dispute
  2. form within 30-days of a completed contract.
  3. Person being disputed will receive a notice from us after the form has been reviewed.
  4. Person being disputed has 14 days to respond to flipMD.
  5. After this period, if the person being disputed has not responded, their account will be temporarily locked until contact is made. If the person being disputed rejects or challenges the complaint, it will be reviewed by the flipMD Disputes team.
  6. After review, the flipMD Disputes team will propose a mutual, non-binding resolution based on the results of the review.
  7. If both parties agree in writing to the proposed resolution, Client and Consultant agree that the Company is authorized and irrevocably instructed to immediately release funds in accordance with the proposed resolution.
  8. If the dispute process does not resolve your dispute, and the proposed, non-binding resolution is rejected, you may pursue your dispute independently through arbitration at your own expense, but acknowledge flipMD is no longer involved.
  9. The Company will not help resolve any disputes involving the quality of the Consultant’s work.

Disputes with flipMD

  1. Email legal@flip-md.com. to initiate a dispute with flipMD the company and not a User of the Site. Include pertinent account information, a brief description of your complaint, and full contact information details.
  2. After review, the flipMD Disputes team will propose a resolution to try to come to an informal agreement as quickly and cost-effective as possible. We will have 60 days from notice to reach an agreement.
  3. After 60 days, you agree to resolve the dispute by final and binding arbitration before an arbitrator from JAMS, instead of a court or jury. The flipMD Disputes team will notify you to begin the process for arbitration. The arbitration resolution is binding and replaces any previous agreements.